Ralph Mason (Sonic Drive In’s biggest franchisee)

Drifting Hope: Stranded in Open Water


In a time when headlines announcing corporate scandal, resulting fall-out, and innocent lives that are ruined are all too common, it is refreshing to know of a wildly successful businessman who built his business on the foundation of integrity, the meaning of a handshake, and an honest desire for both sides of the deal to be beneficial. The story of Ralph Mason illustrates a person who has made millions in real estate and fast food while always focusing on people, relationships, God, family, and friends.

This book chronicles some of his failures and struggles and how even those dark moments played a role in his journey to success.

Written by Sarah Horton and designed by McKinley Browne Publishing, this book was commissioned as a Father’s Day gift from his three daughters.

Project Details

Client: Ralph Mason, Real Estate Developer, Investor and Philanthropist
Author: Sarah Horton
Creative Director/Designer: Scott Horton
Category: Biographies, Memoirs
Publisher: McKinley Browne Publishing
Printed: 216-pages

This hardback book is not available to the public.

Skills: Writing, book design, press-production.