Drifting Hope: Stranded in Open Water

Drifting Hope: Stranded in Open Water


Written by Sarah Horton, Drifting Hope: Stranded in Open Water is a true story of two fishermen capsize in a sudden storm and find themselves clinging to a slippery fiberglass hull buoyed by its Styrofoam lining. Anthony and Mike are now confined to a drifting island in the most inhospitable place on our planet: the ocean’s open water.

The storm took all of the provisions they carried and left them with only the will to live, the strength to overcome fear, and hope for rescue. Together they must survive dehydration, hallucinations, and utter helplessness. Read Drifting Hope and be inspired to overcome the biggest challenges life throws your way.

Project Details

Author: Sarah Horton
Creative Director/Designer: Scott Horton
Category: Biographies & Memoirs
Publisher: McKinley Browne Publishing

Skills: Writing, digital book design-development, distribution, publicity and social media.

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